Sewer & Drain Services in St. George, UT

Keeping your sewers and drains clean, clear, and in good condition is essential for keeping the water flowing through your home. At Whipple Service Champions, our licensed and insured plumbers in St. George are dedicated to helping our clients enjoy reliable plumbing.

We can install, maintain, and repair your drains and sewers quickly and to the highest quality standards. When drains clog, pipes burst, or sewer lines break, we have the tools, technologies, and expertise to quickly restore your drains and sewers to their proper condition.

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Drain Services

Our team uses specialized tools and techniques to locate and remove clogs and other damage within your drains. We adhere to rigid protocols that allow us to work quickly, cleanly, and safely, whether we’re clearing a clog, performing an inspection, or thoroughly cleaning your drains.

We offer a comprehensive range of drain services, including:

  • Drain cleaning: Our plumbers can use hydro jetting and other tools to clean your drain so the water flows smoothly into the main sewer line.
  • Drain repair: Slow drains, leaks, open joints, and other problems can negatively affect the performance of your drains. We can diagnose the cause of the problem and complete the required repairs.
  • Drain backup: When water backs up in your home, our team can locate the cause of the problem and resolve it quickly and effectively.
  • Drain un-clogging: Paper towels, toilet paper, “flushable” wipes, and other obstructions can cause your drains to back up. We can use snakes, hydro jetting, and other tools to remove the problem.
  • Drain inspection: Our thorough drain inspections use sophisticated drain line inspection cameras and other leak detection technologies to determine the condition of your drains and identify the best course of action for maintenance, repair, or replacement.

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Sewer Services

Reliable sewer lines aren’t just essential for your comfort; sewer line problems can negatively affect your health, damage personal possessions, and wreck your landscaping and foundation.

Our sewer line services are tailored to meet your needs and include:

  • Sewer replacement: We can use traditional trenching, pipe bursting, and trenchless sewer line techniques to replace your worn-out or damaged sewer lines with strong, sturdy replacements.
  • Sewer repair: Our team can use sewer line cameras, leak detection technologies, and other tools to locate and repair damaged sections of your sewer line.
  • Trenchless sewer repair: Our trenchless repair techniques include pipe bursting, slip lining, cured-in-place pipelining, and other industry-approved solutions.
  • Sewer repair backup: We can quickly and reliably remove the cause of sewage backups.
  • Sewer cleaning: Our team can use hydro jetting, specialized brushes, and other tools to remove everything from gunk and debris to tree root infiltration and other obstructions from your pipes.
  • Hydro jetting: Our high-pressure hydro jetting systems safely and effectively blast away tree root infiltration, slime, sludge, and other debris.

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Why Choose Whipple Service Champions?

Our highly trained plumbers are committed to your satisfaction and the reliability of your plumbing systems. When you choose our team, we guarantee every part we sell and the quality of the work we deliver.

We always provide upfront pricing, solid warranties, and responsive customer service.

When you want fast and reliable service, contact Whipple Service Champions to schedule an appointment for drain or sewer services in St. George, UT, today.

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