In today’s modern world, a top consideration for homeowners is quality water. This is important for the drinking supply, of course, but also for multiple other areas of the home.

At Whipple Service Champions, we offer water conditioning services if you want your home to receive a cleaner quality of water. Also called a water softener, a water conditioning system helps rid your water of minerals and other contaminant buildups. Let’s look at how one of these systems works, and how it can help your home’s water quality.

How Water Softeners Work

Water softeners are designed to remove impurities in “hard” water, or water that still contains various minerals and other deposits. These deposits will affect the home in multiple ways, including your drinking water and your plumbing fixtures.

A softener, however, turns this hard water into “soft” water free of these deposits. Here’s how it does this:

  • The softener connects to your home plumbing, allowing hard water to travel through it before reaching fixtures.
  • Within the softener tank are items called resin beads – these collect and remove minerals from hard water.
  • After resin beads collect contaminants, softened water will flow to faucets in your home.
  • Over time, you’ll have to rinse and recharge resin beads, which can be done using water softener salt.

How They Help

Here are some of the negatives associated with hard water that a water softener can help rid you of:

  • Film and water stain layers that show up on dishes, glasses, and various home fixtures in the kitchen and bathroom.
  • Calcium and magnesium buildups within the plumbing, which can cause blockages and lower your efficiency.
  • Increased utility bills due to decreased efficiency.
  • Skin and hair issues based on hard shower water interacting regularly with these areas. Additionally, soap and hard water often generate soap scum that can be difficult to clean.

For more on how a water softener can help your home, or to learn about any of our other plumbing services, contact the pros at Whipple Service Champions today.