Close up of shower head with spraying waterHard water is one of the most common problems that Utah homeowners deal with, making the need for a quality water softener essential for many properties in the area. So, what exactly is hard water, how prevalent is it, and what are the benefits of investing in a water-softening solution?

In this blog post, the plumbing experts at Whipple Service Champions answer each of these questions, empowering families with the information they need to ensure access to safe, clean water in their homes.

What Is Hard Water?

Put simply, hard water contains high levels of minerals like calcium and magnesium ions. These minerals accumulate in water as it passes through rock formations and soil, dissolving mineral salts along the way. The presence of these minerals in your water supply can have several consequences, including:

  • Dry, itchy skin and dull hair after bathing
  • Reduced effectiveness of soaps and detergents
  • Residue buildup on surfaces
  • Scale buildup on pipes and plumbing appliances
  • Shortened lifespan of plumbing fixtures
  • Spots on dishes after washing

How Common Is Hard Water in Utah?

Water hardness is determined by the presence of calcium and magnesium ions in the water supply. Water is considered hard when these minerals are present at a rate of 150 particles per million (ppm). In Utah, the average water hardness level is 298 ppm, meaning it’s likely that your home has a hard water problem.

With such a high prevalence of hard water in Utah, the need for a quality water-softening system cannot be overstated. Installing a water softener is the only way to relieve your home of hard water’s impact on your plumbing system and personal health.

Benefits of Water Softeners for Your Home

Installing a quality water softener in your home can provide many unique benefits that you can’t afford to overlook, including:

  • Improved taste and smell: Eliminating minerals from your water supply will dramatically improve the taste and smell of your water.
  • Cleaner clothes and dishes: With a water softener installed, you can say goodbye to spotty dishes and unclean laundry.
  • Extended plumbing fixture lifespan: Without excess scale buildup, you’ll reduce the strain on your plumbing fixtures for enhanced longevity.
  • Healthier skin and hair: Softened water helps reduce dry, itchy skin and dull, brittle hair after bathing for increased personal comfort and wellness.

When choosing a water softener for your property, it’s best to trust a professional with the selection and installation process. A skilled plumber can help you choose the best system for your property and ensure safe installation in compliance with local building codes and regulations.

Trust Whipple Service Champions With Your Water Softening Needs

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