Inclusive & Successful Culture

Whipple builds each of its teams out with the goal in mind to push each individual to their respective peak, and in doing so, propelling both them and the company to new heights. Emphasizing the importance of a 5-star client experience on every call is what leads to our overall success, and that starts with having a well-prepared team member that’s easy to work with! All of this together equals a win for our clients, a win for our team members, and a win for the company as a whole.

​Long-Lasting, Dependable Branding

The first Whipple service call took place all the way back in the year 1947, and all these decades later, our mission to satisfy every client, every time has still held true today. As our team grows larger and departments are expanded, opportunities are available everywhere! Build your career around a brand that’s been around for generations and is only continuing to excel to new heights.

​Emphasis on Employee Development

Regardless of your starting point or experience, when you become part of the Whipple team, making sure you start to grow is just part of the promise. With openings in every department and the company growing larger every day, our team is built to get you into a position that suits you for the long haul.

​Community Involvement

At Whipple Service Champions, we have deep roots on the Wasatch front and we’re always looking for ways to improve the community we serve. We’ve partnered with local causes like the Humane Society to aid in their goal to safely feed, treat, and rehome local animals. Whipple has donated dozens of free services to healthcare professionals during the current pandemic. Our most recent partnership, SASS GO, is an incredible resource for women learning to Survive Assault and Stand Strong.

​Quality of Results

The results of the team are what have kept our operation running for such a long period. Whipple never sacrifices quality and if we ever make mistakes, we’re always quick to fix them. Our mission is to satisfy every client, every time! We have top-of-the-line warranties, our technicians receive over 100+ hours of training every year, and we offer Apples-to-Apples price matching to make sure our clients aren’t paying more than they would elsewhere. All part of our top-notch service experience.

Benefits & Incentives

At Whipple, we understand that our team members are what make the wheels turn. We make sure it’s worth their effort through our excellent benefits package. We offer Industry-Leading Pay, affordable Medical benefits, Paid Holidays & PTO, 401k Matching, Bonuses, Spiffs & Incentives, steady year-round work, and flexible scheduling. If you are interested in taking your next career step today, view our open positions online here!