Picking the Right Batteries for your Thermostat

They don’t bite.

Every house is different. Each has its own quirks, features, styles, etc., and the thermostat is no different. Every model can control the temperature of your house, (we hope), with new models becoming more advanced each day. Some cutting-edge models can even control aspects of your home like lighting, airflow, temperature detection, and even alarms, clocks, and music. Safe to say, these machines range from basic to incredibly complex, and might seem intimidating to the average homeowner. At Whipple Service Champions, we hope to change your mind.

How to access the Inside.

When it comes to changing the batteries on your standard thermostat, it is very simple and streamlined. Simply remove the faceplate from your unit by undoing any latches holding it together and pull them apart. On the removed section of your machine, depending on the model, there will be a spot for 2-4 batteries. Thermostats commonly run on AA batteries, but some have been known to prefer AAA, as well as a rare D-Battery. Some models have battery packs on the side, while most are in the model itself, which is something of note.

Don’t Break it!

Be gentle with your machine, and avoid using excessive force. Thermostats have many parts that can be easily broken or damaged on the inside, so be careful. If you are unsure of your machine’s components, refer back to the manual, or look online for your exact model number. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Picking your Batteries.

Picking the batteries for your Thermostat is critical. Not all batteries are made equal, as some batteries might last 6 months and others might last 6 years. When it comes to the important things in your home like your Thermostat, Carbon Monoxide Detector, and smoke alarm, it is worth paying a little extra. Never cheap out on important parts for your home. Always go for the best batteries available to you.