If you’re a home or business owner, there might come times where you hear strange noises coming from your pipes and plumbing. These sounds can be irritating and bothersome, for one, but they can also be signals that something might be going on in your plumbing system.

At Whipple Plumbing, we’re here to help with all such issues. Our plumbers can handle any issue of residential or commercial plumbing – and they can do so even more effectively if you can help with the basic identification of issues. Here are what a few of the most common plumbing sounds you’ll hear might be signaling.

Banging Pipes

Water supply pipes are made of metal, and might make noises or vibrations from time to time. If you hear excess banging, this could be due to pipes that have not been secured properly, or an obstruction inside the piping. For such an obstruction, you’ll have to get this removed to attain smoother water flow in the pipes and decrease the banging. If it’s just an issue of securing, this can often be done quickly.

Gurgling Drains

If you flush your toilet, do you notice a gurgling sound in the drain or sink? This could signal a few possible issues:

  • Clogged pipes: Food and hair particles build up in the drains, and you may need to set an appointment with one of our drain cleaning specialists
  • Air in the pipes
  • Drain venting problem
  • Issue with main sewer line, possibly due to tree roots – this can be a serious and costly issue

Knocking/Popping Hot Water Heater

If you hear a loud knocking noise from your water heater, this likely means sediment has built up in the machine. Limescale and other deposits can form along the sides of the tank and burner, and can create a sediment barrier when water is heated up. Buildup here will decrease your efficiency and raise your water bill, plus will make you wait longer for hot water.

Whistling Showerhead

A whistling showerhead is likely due to a simple clog in the showerhead itself. In many cases, removing it and cleaning it will solve the problem. If it’s still making noise after you try this, it might be time for a replacement.

For more on identifying the noises you may hear in your plumbing, or to find out about any of our other services, speak to the pros at Whipple Plumbing today.

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