Hiring an air conditioning contractor is standard practice if you’ve owned a home with an HVAC system for more than a few years. It’s a necessary part of maintenance, but few people want to think about replacing their air conditioner until the system fails entirely.

If you wait to replace your HVAC system, you could end up spending a lot more money than you otherwise would have because of the delay. While the initial cost might be high for a complete AC replacement, here are a few areas where you can actually save money if you replace your AC unit before it stops working:

Utility Bills

Intuitively, you may understand that an AC system that continues to cool your home is functional enough to continue without being replaced, and you’d be right up to a point. However, an aging AC system doesn’t always show signs of its wear by not cooling the house down; sometimes, the first signs are in the utility bills that come due after it’s been turned on.

As an AC system wears out, it becomes significantly less efficient in cooling the house. That does not mean that you’ll necessarily feel that the house is warmer, though that’s a distinct possibility as well. The system might be working extra hard to accomplish the goal of cooling the home, resulting in it consuming more energy and causing a sharp hike in your bills.


An old HVAC system will always be at risk of breaking down, and with those breakdowns comes a bill. Each repair might be minor, but as designs get updated, you’ll find it’s more expensive to get the parts or find the right technician to do the work, and both of those things come with a premium that you could have avoided with a new installation.


In many cases, when you have an older air conditioning system, your thermostat may be on its way out as well. With that said, the temperature reading can be inaccurate leading to temperature control issues within the home. Consequently, this only adds to the inefficiency of your AC system.

As a result, replacing your current thermostat for a smart thermostat has a multitude of benefits.

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Healthcare Costs

An HVAC system might seem like a tool to provide you with comfort, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only thing your air conditioner does. Part of its job involves filtering dust, mold, and other allergens out of your environment and with good reason. An aging HVAC system can make your home’s indoor air quality worse by circulating dangerous debris and serving as a Petri dish for mold and bacteria.

Low air quality can cause various health problems that can result in costly healthcare bills. So, this is another cost that is at the doorstep of your aging HVAC system.

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