The air is getting cooler, which means now is the perfect time to tune up your furnace.  This should be completed annually by a certified technician to ensure your system is running safe and efficiently.  Not only with this give you peace-of-mind, but it will also save you money.  Here are some questions that we have received regarding furnace tune-ups.

How often should you get a furnace tune up?

All manufacturers recommend having your equipment maintained annually to ensure it is operating safely and at peak efficiency.

What is included in the tune up?

We perform a complete 21-point inspection of your furnace.  This includes adjusting, cleaning, and maintaining your furnace, flu, and gas piping.  We have a check list that is completed and then we review the assessment of the furnace’s operation with each homeowner.

Are there possible cost savings from a furnace tune up?

Short answer is yes.  Your furnace works harder to produce if it is dirty or parts are out of place.  When it is clean and maintained, it can save you money.

Are there safety/health benefits to a furnace tune-up?

Yes, annual tune ups ensure your furnace and venting are operating correctly and safely.


Reasons why furnace tune-ups are essential

  • Keeps your home safe
  • Ensures proper airflow
  • Reduces repairs
  • Saves time
  • Improves energy efficiency
  • Maintains warranties

If you would like to schedule your $44 Furnace Tune Up, please call us today at 801-444-FAST (801-444-3278)