As the temperatures start to drop, many of us instinctively turn up our thermostat to get cozy on a cold winter night. But what happens when you discover cold air is blowing from your vents? Icy cold air blowing from your vents on an already cold night is a dreadful experience. 

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Here we will discuss some of the reasons why your furnace isn’t heating your home:

Check the Thermostat

Whether at home or work, different people have different temperature preferences. Did a family member or co-worker play with the thermostat recently? Always check your thermostat first if your furnace is blowing cold air.

Running on Empty

Although not an issue for natural gas customers, if you use heating oil, it’s best to check the fuel level. If your oil-fired furnace has recently stopped heating your home or business, it is possible you ran out of heating oil.

Check Your Air Filter

Check Your Oil Filter

If you have an oil-fired furnace, the oil filter may have become clogged. The purpose of the oil filter is to stop debris and dirt from entering the furnace. If you can’t remember the last time your oil filter was changed, it might be clogged. A compromised filter would prevent your oil-fired furnace from igniting correctly. Unlike the process of replacing an air filter, changing an oil filter can be messy and confusing. A certified HVAC technician can handle the replacement of your oil filter.

Ignition Issues

If you have a newer furnace, it more than likely has an electronic ignition system. If the ignition fails, it may be due to a bad part or require adjustment. You will need to contact an HVAC technician to diagnose and correct this problem.

Regular maintenance and cleaning from an HVAC technician is the best way to avoid the surprise of cold air blowing from a vent. With scheduled service, many of the causes of a malfunctioning furnace can be avoided. That is, of course, if you can keep everyone from playing with the thermostat!

We know that you rely on your heater for your family’s safety and comfort. At Whipple Service Champions, our technicians will take the time to inspect your furnace thoroughly. Once we determine the cause of your furnace blowing cold air, we will explain every step of the service process, ensuring you know the work we are doing. As experienced heating contractors in Salt Lake City, we have the knowledge and experience to handle all HVAC service inquiries. For more information about services, please contact us today!