Having a proper vocabulary to understand your air conditioning unit could save you a lot of money on your electrical bills. The following terms could become very beneficial to save you money and become more energy efficient.

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio




The seasonal energy efficiency ratio or SEER measures the system’s energy efficiency. The more efficient the system, the more money in your pocket. The United States Department of Energy quotes that the minimum SEER rating for systems today is 13, it is also quoted that a unit with a SEER rating of 16 could save you $415 a year.

Modulated or variable-speed units are less expensive to run. These manage the amount of energy used to power the air conditioner, that way there are no extreme temperatures. For example, having your house freezing cold when the unit is on, and your house hot when the unit kicks off. With a modulated air conditioner you’ll get an even temperature throughout your home. A modulated air conditioner could save you more than $870 a year.

Humidity can make your home feel warmer, even with the air conditioner running. When you choose a unit with humidity control it will make your home much more comfortable and will save you up to $300 a year.

Knowing these terms and implementing them in your home could save you money year around. If you have any questions or want a FREE engineering analysis on your home to see what system best fits your needs, give us a call at 801-355-4433.