It’s the dead of winter, and if you haven’t checked on your water heater yet this season, you’re already well past due. There’s no time of year where a functioning water heater is more vital, and where water damage or other issues that can be caused by a faulty heater can be more costly.

At Whipple Plumbing, water heater services are some of our most commonly used services. We’ll help you with everything from basic maintenance to extensive damage or water heater leaks. Let’s find out a few basic benefits of regular maintenance to your water heater.


One of the primary services we perform during maintenance is a basic flush of your water heater, and this can do wonders for your water efficiency. One of the biggest normal detractors from this efficiency is buildups of minerals, sediment and other substances in the tank, which can settle at the bottom of the tank and make water flow issues a problem.

Your basic flush, however, removes these buildups and leaves you with a fully efficient.


One of the primary benefits of this efficiency, and in other areas? Cost savings. Better efficiency means you waste less water, which means you spend less. Better and faster hot water for you and your family, plus cost savings? That’s a real win-win, and that’s without even looking to our final section: How much you can save by preventing wildly expensive future issues.

Prevents Future Problems

By far the largest plumbing expenses tend to come when people ignore bits of vital maintenance like this. A small fee for maintenance pales in comparison to what you’ll be shelling out if you sustain a major water heater leak or water damage, or if you’re forced to fully replace your system due to buildup that’s gotten so bad it can’t simply be flushed.

If you want to avoid these issues and maintain the best comfort and efficiency within your home, call the experts at Whipple Plumbing today. We’ll take you through simple, affordable maintenance and prepare you for any potential issues. Our technicians are standing by.

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